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Mission Impossible Game

NEW Ghost Protocol Campaign!

December 9, 2011


Hello Agent,



Your path to becoming the best Agent possible has been upgraded with lots of new content and requirements, do you still have what it takes?



The new features include:
- New Mission: Your team will unlock classified intel when completing 40 all new dangerous missions.
- New Characters & Locations: Uncover new information, take out enemy agents, and meet in secret to gather information. 20 new characters are waiting for you!
- New Weapons & Gadgets: With 20 new weapons and gadgets, you can boost your stats! Make yourself and your team stronger before you lead them through the new missions.
- New Boss Challenge: You’ll need help from the best of the best! Assemble your team and take down the leader of the terrorist group!



When you join the IMF you will take on over 200 missions set in 50 exotic locations from around the world! Assemble a team of your most trusted friends to be fellow agents. You must work together to take out terrorists, uncover covert missions, eliminate rogue agents and gather sensitive intel!



Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens in Imax and other select locations on December 16th, nationwide on December 21st! Visit their website for more details:

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